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Racially mixed children--Race identity

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Mystery Writer Walter Mosley.

Writer Walter Mosley. His first book, "Devil In A Blue Dress," is a hard boiled detective story starring a black gumshoe up against white prejudice. It's published by Norton.


The Lived Experience of Bi-Racial People

Lise Funderburg is a journalist who has written for "Mirabella" and "New York Newsday." She is bi-racial, and recently wrote a book called "Black, White, Other," which explores the identities of Americans from racially mixed families. Do they consider themselves white, black, neither, or both? On the show with Funderburg are two other people whose interviews are featured in the book.


From the Archives: Mystery Writer Walter Mosley.

Writer Walter Mosley. This interview took place after the publication of his book, Devil With A Blue Dress, a hard boiled detective story about a black gumshoe, Easy Rawlins, up against white prejudice. It's just been made into a film starring Denzel Washington. (REBROADCAST from 6/8/90).


A White Mother on Raising Her Mixed-Race Daughter

We'll hear from Norma Storch and June Cross, who are featured in this week's Frontline program entitled "Secret Daughter." Storch, who is white, gave up her half black child to a black couple. We'll hear from both mother and daughter as they reflect back. Norma Storch (mother) is married to actor Larry Storh who starred in the TV comedy F-Troop in the mid 1960's. June Cross (daughter) is a television producer for the PBS series "Frontline."

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