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Dominating the '60s Charts: A Motown Profile

In 1964, Motown, a black-owned record company in Detroit achieved the nearly impossible goal of dominating the American pop and soul charts. Ed Ward looks back on 1965 and Hip-O Select's "Complete Motown Singles" series.


Doc Pomus, the Bluesman Who Paved 'Lonely Avenue'

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles songwriter Doc Pomus, the Brooklyn-born blues singer and songwriter who died in 1991. Born Jerome Solon Felder, he survived a childhood case of polio and went on to write hits for Ray Charles and Elvis Presley, among others. His songs include "Lonely Avenue," "Viva Las Vegas" and "Save the Last Dance for Me."


Country Singer Charlie Feathers Was a True Original

Rock historian Ed Ward remembers Charlie Feathers, who tried everything from country music, rockabilly to protest folk. He had such hits as "Tongue-Tied Jill," and "One Hand Loose., which is considered one of the perfect rockabilly songs.


Remembering Lyricist Irving Caesar

Caesar wrote such songs as "Tea for Two," "Swanee," and "I Want to Be Happy." We play a cut from an old album, "And Then I Wrote" (Coral Records). Caesar died earlier this month at the age of 101.


The Team of Don & Dewey.

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles the songwriting team of Don Harris and Dewey Terry. They worked at Los Angeles' Specialty Records, where Little Richard also recorded, and gave the studio some of its biggest hits.


Leiber and Stoller's Record Labels and Their Hits

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles the Red Bird record label and its soul subsidiary Blue Cat. They were the creations of the 60s songwriting and producing team, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. The labels' hits include "Going to the Chapel," and "Boy From New York City."

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