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R.A. Dickey On 'Winding Up' As A Knuckleballer

New York Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey is currently the only knuckleball pitcher in the major leagues. His memoir, Wherever I Wind Up, explains how his life -- and career -- have mimicked the unpredictable trajectory of the difficult pitch he throws game after game.


Reggie Jackson And Bob Gibson Talk Baseball.

Jackson and Gibson never faced each other on the field, but between them they have seven World Series rings. In their book, Sixty Feet, Six Inches, the two Hall of Famers tell stories about Willie Mays and the World Series and discuss modern controversies including steroids and free agency.

This interview originally aired Oct. 12, 2009.


Reggie Jackson, Bob Gibson Slug It Out

What do you get when you combine a champion pitcher with a five-time World Series slugger? Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson duke it out in their new book Sixty Feet, Six Inches.

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