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Tribute to Bill Evans.

Bill Evans, jazz pianist, died yesterday at the age of 51. Contributor and jazz critic Francis Davis, host of Fresh Air's "interval," a segment on out-of-print jazz, joins the show to pay tribute to Evans.


Kenny Barron on Monk, Jazz, and Teaching.

Pianist Kenny Barron is part of the band Sphere. One of the group's largest influences and inspirations is Thelonious monk whose work is featured on their newest and first album "Four in One." Native Philadelphian Barron has also recently released two solo albums "Kenny Barron at the Piano" and "Golden Lotus."Barron also teaches music at Rutgers. Sphere will perform at the Afro-American Museum.


Jazz Pianist and Composer, McCoy Tyner.

Jazz pianist and composer McCoy Tyner grew up in West Philadelphia. In his early career, he worked as John Coltrane's pianist and recorded over twenty albums with the legend. Tyner has been recording on his own since 1965, and his influence is clear in the style of younger players. Tyner will perform and attend a concert in his honor at the upcoming Cool Jazz Festival.


Jazz Legend, Billy Taylor.

Jazz legend BILLY TAYLOR is a pianist who has worked with his own trio as well as musicians such as Billie Holliday, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz, Charlie Mingus, Art Tatum, and Miles Davis. Taylor is also a composer whose song "I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to Be Free" became a civil rights anthem. Taylor is also known for being the guiding force between the public radio programs "Jazz Alive" and "Billy Taylor's Piano Jazz." Currently, Taylor is the editor for the arts on the CBS Sunday morning program.


A Veteran Pianist Blossoms

Jazz critic Francis Davis says that Steve Kuhn, who as a young man performed with John Coltrane's band, is only now finding his voice. Kuhn's new album is called Mostly Ballads.


Marian McPartland's Career in Jazz.

Jazz pianist Marian McPartland. Though British-born, white and a woman, McPartland has had a forty-year career in a profession that is largely male and black. She is heard on many National Public Radio stations in her popular series with leading jazz artists.


Keeping Kansas City Jazz Alive.

A live concert featuring Kansas City pianist Jay McShann. As a big band leader in the 40s and 50s, McShann helped start the careers of jazz stars like Charlie Parker and Big Joe Turner.

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