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Piano music (Jazz)

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Samuel Yirga Ushers In A Golden Age Of Ethiopian Music.

Yirga finds his way into Ethiopian standards, displays his flair for jazz over solo and ensemble pieces, and performs effortless homages to vintage soul. He holds everything together with voracious talent that helps him savor each musical flavor.


Chick Corea: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

In a transitional period between different groups with Miles Davis and Anthony Braxton and his fusion band, Return to Forever, Chick Corea recorded a series of solo piano improvisations in 1971. Those recordings and a 1983 follow-up have been reissued in a three-CD box set.


The Real McCoy (Tyner) Releases 'Quartet'

Fresh Air's jazz critic reviews Quartet, a live performance from the McCoy Tyner Quartet, featuring pianist McCoy Tyner, saxophonist Joe Lovano, bassist Christian McBride and drummer Jeff "Tain Watts.

The album, recorded on New Year's Eve 2006, leads off a new series of recordings from McCoy Tyner, and is the first recording on the new McCoy Tyner Music label.


Everybody Digs 'Em: Two Jazz Greats from '58

Fresh Air's jazz critic reviews two new CD reissues originally recorded in the fall of 1958.

Everybody Digs Bill Evans, featuring the legendary jazz pianist, includes a track left off the original issue of the recording.

We Three, featuring the Tennessee-born pianist Phineas Newborn, showcases his phenomenal technique alongside the contributions of drummer Roy Haynes and bassman Paul Chambers.

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