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Rediscovering Tebaldi

Classical music Lloyd Schwartz reviews a new collection of Renata Tebaldi's performances. The recordings are so good that he's willing to overlook the soprano's sometimes forced, theatrical effects.


RCA Reissues Two Kurt Weill Recordings

"Berlin" and "American Theater Songs" are now available on a single CD, featuring Weill's wife and collaborator Lotte Lenya. But some of the songs have been cut or edited for brevity. Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz calls that decision "immoral," and says the original LPs are now more essential than ever.


The Giddy Wit of Jacques Offenbach

Classical music critic says that no music is more fun than a good operetta. A new collection of lesser known works by composer Jacques Offenbach is more fun than almost any other album this year.


The Best Years of a Barrier-Breaking Singer

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews a new collection of recordings by the African American singer Marian Anderson, a contralto known for her masterful rendition of art songs and spirituals.


A German Baritone Sings Mozart's Arias

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews a CD of Olaf Bar's performances of selections from Mozart's operatic oeuvre. Schwartz says Bar's lower range is limited, causing him to growl and bark. It's an affect that might work for a full production, but is distracting in a recital setting.

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