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At Pepper's Hideout, A South Side Party To Remember

In 1975, Michael Abrasion decided to photograph the blues clubs of Chicago. The pictures Abramson took in Pepper's Hideout, among other venues, have been released in a set called Light on the South Side. Jazz critic Ed Ward takes a listen to Pepper's Jukebox, the CD released along with the photographs.


Dr. John Keeps Playing -- No Matter What

Songwriter, pianist and singer Dr. John. Known in his native New Orleans as Mac Rebennack, his music has evolved from the psychedelic voodoo-rock he played in the 1960's to the classic piano he plays today. (REBROADCAST from 09/23/86)


From the Archives: Making the Musicians Dance.

Songwriter, performer, and session musician Malcom Rebennack adopted the name Dr. John when he developed his New Orleans-based, theatrical stage show. He worked largely as a guitar player until a stray bullet injured his hand. A multi-instrumentalist, Dr. John continued to record and perform as a bass guitarist, drummer, and, most prominently, keyboard player. (Rebroadcast of 9/23/86)


Remembering Sylvia Syms.

Jazz singer Sylvia Syms passed away yesterday at the age of 74. She had a heart attack just as she finished a performance at the Algonquin Hotel. Syms was known as the quintessential saloon singer, and foremost among her admirers was Frank Sinatra, who produced and conducted a 1982 album of standards called "Syms By Sinatra." Her one hit was "I could Have Danced All Night," from the 1956 musical "My Fair Lady." Her nightclub career spanned 51 years.


Filmmaker Isaac Julien.

Filmmaker Isaac Julien. His new movie, "Young Soul Rebels," explores the rise of British funk clubs in late 70s London.


Publisher and Club Owner Jay Landesman

Landesman founded several nightclubs frequented by beat writers. He later published their work in his literary magazine Neurotica -- despite finding their writing limited. Landesman later lampooned the beat generation in his Broadway musical, The Nervous Set.


Exploring New York's Club Scene in Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Gossip columnist-turned novelist Michael Musto. Musto writes a column for The Village Voice (called La Dolce Musto) that follows New York City's avant-garde social scene. Musto's columns usually ignore the comings and goings of the Donald Trumps in favor of highlighting some about-to-be-discovered artist or performer. In 1986, Musto wrote Downtown, a guide book to the Manhattan party scene. His new book, Manhattan On The Rocks, is a novel about the party scene and the most sought after gossip columnist in New York.


Novelist Jay McInerney

McInerney's first novel -- Bright Lights, Big City -- delved deep into the drug-fueled world of the New York City club scene. His revisits Manhattan's nightlife in his new book, Story of My Life, about an aspiring actress. A movie version of Bright Lights, Big City, starring Michael J. Fox, was released this year.

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