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Weill Before Brecht.

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz has a review of a never-before-recorded Kurt Weill (Vile) opera. Weill is best-known for his collaborations with playwright Bertolt Brecht, such as "The Threepenny Opera" and "The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahogany".


Restoring the Original Arrangement of "Show Boat."

Conductor John McGlinn. He directed a new recording of the classic musical "Show Boat," first performed in 1927 with music by Jerome Kern and book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd. McGlinn's new and controversial recording of the musical includes rejected numbers from the planning stages and items cut in the pre-Broadway tryout. (Rebroadcast. Originally broadcast on Jan. 13, 1989).


Actress and Comedienne Elaine Stritch.

Actress Elaine Stritch. She appears this week on public television's "American Playhouse" series, starring in Richard Nelson's story of three aging friends. Elaine Stritch is an established Broadway star, who appeared on Broadway in "Company," "Pal Joey," "On Your Toes," and "Bus Stop." She currently stars on Broadway with Jason Roberts in "Love Letters," and she plays Mrs. McGee on "The Cosby Show." (Interview by Sedge Thomson)


Rare Recording of "Showboat."

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews a new reissue of the 1932 recording of "Show Boat," on CD. It includes performances by Paul Robeson and Helen Morgan. (It's part of the CBS Special Products Series).


Singer Angelina Réaux.

Singer Angelina Réaux. She's gained international recognition for her interpretation of Kurt Weill music. She performed in a one-woman show, "Stranger Here Myself," a collection of Weill music, dramatically linked. (A recording of the show is on the Koch Classics International label). Réaux also performs in Opera and Concert engagements and collaborated with Leonard Bernstein in a some of his final projects: recordings of "West Side Story" and "A Quiet Place." She began her career in Broadway musicals.

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