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Mothers and daughters

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David Lynch's Spirit is Missing in "Wild at Heart"

Critic Owen Gleiberman reviews the director's new movie, a violent tale about young love. Despite an excellent performance by female lead Laura Dern, the film fails to capture balance of innocence and weirdness found in Lynch's other work.


Meryl Streep Shines in "Postcards from the Edge"

Film critic Stephen Schiff says Streep is best in comedies -- including this dysfunctional tale about a mother and daughter in Hollywood, written by Carrie Fisher, and adapted by her book of the same name.


Nora Ephron's Directorial Debut.

Film critic Stephen Schiff reviews "This Is My Life," the new comedy starring Julie Kavner as a cosmetic saleswoman turned stand-up comic. It's the directorial debut of writer Nora Ephron.

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