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Monty Python (Comedy troupe)

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Michael Palin

Palin recreated the journey Jules Verne described in Around the World in 80 Days and turned his journey into a successful eight-part BBC television series. He is, of course, also known for his tenure as a member of Monthy Python and his appearances in The Missionary and A Fish Called Wanda. (Rebroadcast from April 17, 1990.)


John Cleese

Post-Python, Cleese is best known for Fawlty Towers and a number of movies, including his 1988 comedy, A Fish Called Wanda. He's also written a book called Families and How to Survive Them with therapist Robyn Skinner, and he makes training films for corporations. (Rebroadcast from Sept. 22, 1990.)


Monty Python's Eric Idle

His Beatles-parody mockumentary The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch comes out on DVD next month. He's also written the book for the Monty Python farce Spamalot on Broadway.

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