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Documentary Filmmaker Barbara Kopple.

Documentary filmmaker Barbara Kopple. Her documentary, "American Dream," chronicles one of the most bitter strikes in recent labor history, the 1984 strike against the Hormel meat packing plant in Austin Minnesota. The film won the 1991 Oscar for best documentary feature. Kopple also won an Oscar in 1977 for "Harlan County, UsA," her documentary of a coal mine strike in Kentucky.


Writer and Radio Performer Garrison Keillor.

Writer and radio performer Garrison Keillor. Keillor's weekly program, "The American Radio Company," is heard on many public radio stations. Keillor's now written a new novel, about the golden days of radio, titled "WLT." (It's published by Viking).


American Poet Robert Bly.

Poet Robert Bly. In the 60s, his poems took on a political tone and he founded American Poets Against the War. When his volume, The Light Around The Body, won the National Book Award in 1972, he turned the prize money over to a draft resisters group. Since then, his poems have explored the bonds between men, particularly between fathers and sons. (Rebroadcast of June 29, 1987.)


American Poet Robert Bly

Bly's work has dealt with nature, the Vietnam War, and gender differences. He considers the impact living simply in Minnesota has had on his writing.


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