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A Black Musician Plays Traditional Klezmer

The Klezmer revival is mostly led by third-generation American Jews. Clarinetist Don Byron is a notbale exception -- he's an African American musician who pays tribute to the compositions of Mickey Katz. Byron is an alumnus of the Klezmer Conservatory Band, and he performs on the anthology album "Live At The Knitting Factory, Volume 3."


A Black Musician Plays Traditional Klezmer.

Clarinetist Don Byron. Byron's black, but he plays klezmer, the music created from the mixture of American jazz and European jewish culture. Byron's an alumnus of the Klezmer Conservatory Band, and he performs on a new anthology album called "Live At The Knitting Factory." It's on A&M records.


If You Could See Him

Actor Joel Grey talks about the legacy of his father, comedic actor and clarinetist Mickey Katz. Grey's Jewish heritage helped him add complexity to his performance in the Broadway and film versions of Cabaret, in which he played the Master of Ceremonies.

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