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It's Time to Talk Frankly About Death.

Medical ethicist Daniel Callahan. His new book is "The Troubled Dream of Life: Living with Mortality." (Simon & Schuster). In it he looks at how our society views death: If death is a "part of life," why do we have such trouble accepting it? And how do our attitudes about death affect medical and social policy?


New Issues in Medical Ethics

Biomedical ethicist Arthur Caplan. He discusses the right to die and the implications of doctor-assisted suicide -- specifically how Dr. Jack Kevorkian has been helping patients die. Caplan is Director of Biomedical Ethics and a professor in the Departments of Philosophy and Surgery at the University of Minnesota.


AIDS and Questions of Medical Ethics

Public health expert Ronald Bayer says that the AIDS epidemic is forcing medical professionals to rethink issues of privacy and mandatory screening. Complicating the matter is the fact that the disease disproportionately affects vulnerable communities like homosexuals, people of color, and intravenous drug users. Bayer says one of best ways to deal with AIDS is to change the sexual climate of the country, wherein individuals become more forthright about communication and protection.


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