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Marriage--Social aspects

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Neil Clark Warren on Finding eHarmony

Neil Clark Warren is the founder of the online dating service eHarmony. The company performs extensive personality profiling and then introduces couples with matching values and interests. Warren is an Evangelical Christian with strong ties to the conservative Christian community.


Meg Wolitzer, on 'The Position'

Meg Wolitzer's new novel, The Position, is about a 1970s couple who write a Joy of Sex-style book, complete with illustrations of them making love. Their lives — and those of their children, who get their hands on the book — are never quite the same afterward.


Book Critic and Memoirist Doris Grumbach

In celebration of her 80th birthday, we play excerpts from two of our interviews with the writer Doris Grumbach. She's the author of the memoirs "The Presence of Absence" and "Fifty Days of Solitude."

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