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Man-woman relationships

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When Ex-Lovers Become Just Friends

A story for Valentine's Day from WBEZ's This American Life. Host Ira Glass talks about the drama of trying to be "just friends" with an ex-girlfriend.


Tensions Between Genders in the Black Community.

Mike Tyson returns to the ring Saturday night after a four year absence. Three of those years were spent in jail on a rape conviction. .Tyson continues to deny the charge. Commentator Gerald Early says that Tyson's release from prison sparked new questions about an old debate in the black community: tensions between the genders. Gerald Early teaches English at Washington University where he directs the program on African and Afro-American studies. He's the author of The Culture of Bruising: Essays on Prize fighting, Literature and Modern American Culture.


A Chicana Spin on the Carmen Trope

Mexican-American writer Sandra Cisnero is credited as the first Chicana author to publish a book about Chicana women. She joins Fresh Air to read from a new story, called "La Fabulosa."


What "Dear Abby" Tells Us About American Marriage

Journalist Charles Hardy and University of Georgia historian Deborah Herman both reflect on the history and impact of advice columns on the lives of bourgeois American women. Herman looks at six months' worth of Dear Abby columns in the 1950s to determine the state of and attitudes toward marriage during that decade.

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