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Anat Cohen: Bringing The Clarinet To The World

On her latest album, Claroscuro, the jazz clarinetist explores influences that range from Louis Armstrong to Brazilian music to that of her native Israel. It's the desire to adapt the instrument to so many musical traditions that has earned Cohen such acclaim.


Analog Players Society: A Party Cooked Up In A Studio

The Analog Players Society provides some of the best evidence since the rise of Vampire Weekend that formerly exotic international music -- particularly African rhythms and accents -- has become an everyday part of modern popular tunes.


Eddie Palmieri: Now A True 'Jazz Master'

The great Latin band leader Eddie Palmierei has just received a Jazz Masters Award from the National Endowment for the Arts. for his lifetime of achievement in jazz. Fresh Air honors the Latin band leader with excerpts from a 1994 interview.


Tito x 2: Celebrating The Kings Of Mambo Again

Music critic Milo miles reviews two new collections of tunes from the late Latin pioneers Tito Rodriguez and Tito Puente. The two were rivals on the bandstand of the Palladium, the epicenter of the 1950s mambo craze.


Pianist Eddie Palmieri

Through his first band, La Perfecta, labeled "the band with the crazy roaring elephants," Palmieri was credited with originating Latin jazz's trombone sound in New York during the sixties. In 1994, Palmieri's lobbying culminated in the announcement of a new Grammy Award category for Afro-Caribbean Jazz.

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