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The "Orphans of Jonestown."

One of the "Orphans of Jonestown,"Stephan Jones. He is one of the surviving sons of Jim Jones, leader of the Peoples Temple in Guyana. Fifteen years ago Jim Jones orchestrated the mass suicide of over 900 people after a California Representative visited the temple, charging Jones with holding people against their will. Now, after the Waco tragedy, Stephan Jones remember the loss. Their were 85 survivors from Jonestown--260 children died.


Listener Call-In and Discussion of Jonestown Documentary "Father Cares."

Reverend Ralph Moore is an Episcopal priest and the director of the Christian Association at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Julian Slowinski is a psychologist and former Benedictine monk and theologian. They join the show to discuss the events in Jonestown and the radio documentary on the subject, "Father Cares," which was aired by NPR. They also answer listener calls.


Powers Boothe on the "Guyana Tragedy"

The actor portrays Jonestown leader Jim Jones in a new television movie about the infamous mass suicide. Boothe talks about the difficulties of making the film, as well as the research that went his portrayal of the cult leader.

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