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Sculptor George Segal.

George Segal is known for his realistic, life-sized sculptures made by wrapping his models in plaster-soaked bandages. His commission for outdoor art have often be controversial. He joins the show to discuss his life and career.


Amos Oz's Great Expectations.

Israeli novelist Amos Oz. He lived on a kibbutz for many years and is a veteran of the Six-Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War in 1973. His books include A Perfect Peace, In the Land of Israel and his new book, Black Box.


Trying to "Forget About Remembering."

Writer Saul Bellow. His short stories and novels have won him three National Book Awards, a Pulitzer Prize and a Nobel Prize. His newest novel is "The Bellarosa Connection," a story about the meaning of memory.


Violinist Shlomo Mintz.

Violinist Shlomo Mintz. Mintz was born in Moscow and emigrated with his family two years later to Israel. He made his concerto debut at age 11 with Zubin Mehta, and has continued to appear with Mehta each season since. Mintz is considered one of the foremost violinists of this generation.


Writer Frederic Morton.

Historian and author Frederic Morton. Morton's new book is "Thunder at Twilight: Vienna 1913/1914." In it, Morton examines that city on the eve of the First World War. Book critic John Leonard described the mix of intellectualism, arts, and political intrigue going on in Vienna at that time as "waltzing on the edge of the abyss." Morton's previous book, "A Nervous Splendor," looked at Vienna in 1888 and '89.


From the Archives: Comedians and Actors Townsend and Belzer.

Interviews with comedians Richard Belzer and Robert Townsend. Belzer has been a professional comic for more than 15 years. For five years, he was the emcee at Catch a Rising Star, New York's best-known comedy club, and has appeared frequently on "Saturday Night Live" "The Tonight Show" and "Late Night with David Letterman." He's also written a book titled How To Be a Stand-up Comic. (Belzer first aired on Fresh Air on 12/31/87).

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