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Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)

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Israeli Writer Yoram Kaniuk, 83, On Pain And Peace

Author and journalist Yoram Kaniuk died June 8 at age 83. He joined Fresh Air's Terry Gross in August 1988 to talk about fighting in the Israeli underground and his belief that, for Israelis and Palestinians, "the only way is to live somehow together."


Nathan Englander: Assimilating Thoughts Into Stories.

In What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank, Nathan Englander writes about his own faith — and what it means to be Jewish — in stories that explore religious tension, Israeli-American relations and the Holocaust.


Kristin Scott Thomas: 'Sarah's Key' To A Dark Past.

Actress Kristin Scott Thomas stars in the drama Sarah's Key, about the French roundup of Jews during the Nazi occupation. "It's something the French have been extremely wary of talking about," she says. "It's been hidden away for a very, very long time."


Author Searches for Relatives Who Survived Holocaust

Daniel Mendelsohn's new book is The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million. As a child, his old Jewish relatives told stories of family members killed in the Holocaust. Mendelsohn undertook a worldwide search for surviving members of his family's town. During his investigation, Mendelsohn discovered letters from the family begging their relatives in the United States to help them get out of their Ukrainian town.


Sendak on Adapting 'Brundibar' for Theater

Writer-artist Maurice Sendak talks about his collaboration with playwright Tony Kushner (best known for Angels in America) on an adaptation of the opera Brundibar. The children's opera originally performed by children in the Nazi concentration camp Terezin. This interview originally aired Oct. 30, 2003.


'Auschwitz: A New History'

Laurence Rees' Auschwitz: A New History provides details about the inner workings of the camp: techniques of mass murder, the politics, the gossip mill between guards and prisoners, and the camp brothel.

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