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B.B. King On Life And The Blues

Blues legend B.B. King's 60-year career has included a string of hits, including You Know I Love You, Bad Luck and The Thrill Is Gone. He has received many awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Grammy and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Singers, Sax Players and a 'Fugue for Tinhorns'

Saxophonist Harry Allen and singer-instrumentalist Eddie Erickson are just two of the performers on a new CD, The Harry Allen-Joe Cohn Quartet Perform Music From 'Guys and Dolls'. Erickson, who's best known as a guitarist, is featured on the disc as a vocalist, singing Frank Loesser's tunes alongside Rebecca Kilgore.


A Birthday for the King of the Blues

Blues singer and guitarist B.B. King celebrated his 80th birthday on Sept. 16, 2005, and also released the new album 80, featuring blues duets with musicians including Elton John and Eric Clapton. This interview originally aired on Oct. 22, 1996.


Jazz Singer and Pianist Blossom Dearie.

Jazz singer and pianist Blossom Dearie. She has been called "One of the last of the great supper-club singers". Her following is mainly centered in New York and London. For years, she has performed in London and New York. This year, she is appearing at Danny's Skylight Room in Manhattan.


From the Archives: Bobby Short, From Danville to New York.

Singer and pianist Bobby Short. This year marks his 30th-Anniversary performing at New York's Cafe Carlyle. Telarc records has just put out a CD called "Bobby Short and His Orchestra Celebrating 30 Years at the Cafe Carlyle. Short has appeared as himself in several movies including Woody Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters". (Originally aired 10/1/85)


Guitarist and Singer John Pizzarelli

Pizzarelli's new album, "My Blue Heaven," features his interpretations of some great songs from the swing era. He is the son of noted jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, and often performs in the New York cabaret scene.


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