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Bob Dorough: The Fresh Air Concert

The songwriter, singer and jazz pianist performs his songs for Fresh Air. He talks about his approach to writing, his distinctive vocal style, and how he keeps his arrangements fresh.


Tony Bennett On Creating His Own Musical Path.

Tony Bennett is one of the foremost interpreters of American popular songs. Bennett will perform with the Count Basie Orchestra at the Valley Forge Music Fair next week. He joins the show to discuss his music, his career, and the music industry of the past and present.


Bobby Short, From Danville to New York.

Pianist and singer Bobby Short is a master of American popular song, singing classics from the likes of Porter, the Gershwins, Berlin, and Sondheim. He has the been playing at Cafe Carlyle in New York since 1968. He reached a new generation when he was in an ad for Revlon's Charlie perfume.


The Songs of Bob Dorough

The jazz singer and songwriter is known for his distinctive voice and, most recently, his work on the children's show Schoolhouse Rock. He performs several songs in-studio for Fresh Air listeners.


Remembering the Sleepwalking Life of Chet Baker

Baker made a career as a trumpet player and jazz singer. Known for his struggles with his addition, Baker recently died after falling from his window; drug paraphernalia was found in his room. Bruce Weber's new documentary about the musician has just been released. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead has this review.


Guitarist and Singer John Pizzarelli

Pizzarelli's new album, "My Blue Heaven," features his interpretations of some great songs from the swing era. He is the son of noted jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, and often performs in the New York cabaret scene.


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