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Making War Comprehensible.

Linguist Geoff Nunberg reports from Rome where he's been watching the coverage on the NATO bombings, and the Kosovo refugees.


Language and the European Union.

Linguist Geoff Nunberg reflects on Europanto, a form of language aimed at allowing Europeans to talk with each other without using English all the time.


Why is "French" Sexy?

Language Commentator Geoffrey Nunberg on how the word "French" has been associated with sexual activities and references... such as "French kiss", "pardon my French" and an 18th Century term for condoms: "French Letters.


Writers Fund Raise for Sarajevo.

Readings from the PEN American Center's benefit for Bosnian Writers, "An Evening For Sarajevo", held last night in New York City. Fifteen American writers read from their work to raise money for the writers of Sarajevo for food and supplies; writers in the besieged city are fighting to keep their literary culture vital and undiminished in a time of war.


Clearing up Rumors about the KGB.

Commentator David Gurevitz checks out some rumors about the KGB in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet empire. He's the author of "From Lenin to Lennon."

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