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Human Trafficking Revealed In 'The Snakehead'

In 1993, a freighter with 300 terrified, half-starved Chinese immigrants went aground off the shore of Queens, New York. Author Patrick Radden Keefe chronicles the incident in his new book The Snakehead.


Richard Jenkins: Standing Out By Blending In

In The Visitor, Richard Jenkins plays as an economics professor who discovers the apartment he rented in New York is already occupied. The starring role is a change for Jenkins, who has made his career playing smaller parts.


In 'The Visitor,' Richard Jenkins Takes A Lead Turn

After appearing in supporting roles in more than 50 films, actor Richard Jenkins takes the lead in The Visitor, Tom McCarthy's film about a solitary economics professor whose world opens up when he discovers an apartment he rented in New York is already occupied.


Border Battles, Immigration Issues and You

Julia Preston, national immigration correspondent for The New York Times, discusses the unintended consequences of the U.S. border crackdown — and how the battle over immigration is affecting communities across the country.


Against Perils and Odds: A Boy's Trek to the U.S.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sonia Nazario talks about her new book, Enrique's Journey, which traces the path of a young boy from Honduras to the U.S. as he reunites with his mother. Nazario found that 48,000 children, some as young as 7, make the journey alone each year.


Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist David Shipler

His new book is The Working Poor: Invisible in America. Shipler is a former reporter for The New York Times. He's also written for The New Yorker, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times. His book Arab and Jews: Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land won the Pulitzer Prize.

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