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Christopher Cerf Predicts a "Tumultuous Decade."

Writer Christopher Cerf co-edited a humorous speculative history called The 80s, which anticipates what happens in the coming decade. Fresh Air listeners and host Terry Gross discuss a number of whimsical predictions.


A Self-Described Republican Humorist

Writer P.J. O'Rourke doesn't think comedy and conservatism are incompatible. He edited the National Lampoon and serves as the "investigative humorist" for Rolling Stone. His new book, Republican Party Reptile, collects his recent writing.


Comedian "Bobcat" Goldthwait.

Comedian Bob Goldthwait, who has appeared in the "Police Academy" movies and the Whoppi Goldberg film "Burglar." Goldthwait recently completed an HBO special and frequently appears on MTV.


Humor Writer and Songwriter Christopher Cerf

Cerf writes children's songs for Sesame Street and helped launch the humor magazine the National Lampoon. In 1978 he co-edited the journalistic parody "Not the New York Times." His most recent humor book is "The Book of Sequels," a spoof of current trends in the publishing and film industries.


Journalist Molly Ivins.

Journalist Molly Ivins from Austin, Texas. She calls herself a "dripping fangs liberal," and believes that by being objective journalists take all the color out of human affairs. She says, "politics ought to be covered the way sports is, as a celebration of heroes and villians." She's taken on Ron and Nancy Reagan, George Bush, and the "bubbas" in the Texas Legislature.


South Park Celebrates 14 Years Of Fart Jokes

The bawdy, crudely animated sitcom South Park is about to celebrate its 200th episode. Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone go behind the scenes of some of their favorite episodes and explain how they come up with the weekly parodies.


Making Fun Of Everyone On 'South Park'

The troublemakers at South Park are in the news again: police have said that there may be a link between the recent car-bombing attempt in Times Square and a South Park episode featuring the prophet Muhammad wearing a bear suit. Fresh Air listens again to a recent interview with creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone -- who explain why they like to live dangerously.

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