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Sex-Trafficking of Children.

Victoria Brownworth is a Philadelphia-based journalist who has recently published a series of articles about juvenile prostitution. She believes that many of the children reported missing and presumed kidnapped are actually involved in juvenile prostitution after running away from abuse or being thrown out of their homes. Brownworth's articles on the subject have been published in City Paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times.


Reporter Vernon Loeb.

Reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer Vernon Loeb. He's been reporting from the Far East for the last several years. He'll talk with Terry about the problems facing the region like the explosion of AIDS in Thailand and especially Bangkok; the repression and ethnic fighting in Burma; and the amassing on the Thai/Burmese border of refugees fleeing repression in Burma.


Reporter Peter Landesman

Landesman is a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine. He investigated the sex slave industry for this week's cover story (Sunday, Jan. 25), "The Girls Next Door." He found that tens of thousands of women, girls and boys are smuggled into the United States from Eastern Europe and held captive as sex slaves in American cities like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago. Landesman reports that the U.S. government has done little to pursue the traffickers.


Human Trafficking Revealed In 'The Snakehead'

In 1993, a freighter with 300 terrified, half-starved Chinese immigrants went aground off the shore of Queens, New York. Author Patrick Radden Keefe chronicles the incident in his new book The Snakehead.

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