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Sister Mary Scullion Reminds People that Panhandlers are Human Beings.

Sister Mary Scullion. She's worked with the homeless and the mentally ill for 16 years, as an advocate and a co-founder of: Women of Hope, a permanent residence and support services center for homeless mentally ill women; the Outreach Coordination Center, which coordinated the services of private and public agencies working with chronically homeless persons; and Project H.O.M.E. which provides residential and rehabilitative services to the chronically homeless. Sister Mary was honored for her efforts with the 1992 Philadelphia Award.


Finding and Fighting for Solutions for Homelessness

Terry talks with Nancy Wackstein, Executive Director of the Lenox Hill Neighborhood Association, a settlement house in New York City. Wackstein recently gave up her job as Director of New York's Office on Homelessness. Before that she was an advocate for the homeless at the Citizens' Committee for Children. Wackstein used to believe that the solution to homelessness was more housing; she now believes that housing alone will not solve the problem


A Fiction Writer Turns to Food

Novelist Laurie Colwin has published a collection of essays about food called Home Cooking. While many of her friends enjoy traveling, her idea of a good time is staying home and making a good meal. She also cooks for the needy at homeless shelters.


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