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Author Traces What Happened To WWII's 'Last Million' Displaced People

Historian David Nasaw tells the story of more than a million people stranded in defeated Nazi Germany after World War II. Some felt they couldn't return to their home countries under Soviet control. Others were Jewish survivors who had no homes to return to. Nasaw's book is 'The Last Million.'


'Life Of Objects' Tells A Cautionary WWII Fairy Tale

Susanna Moore tells the sage of an ambitious girl, a family's artistic fortune and a world at war. Young heroine Beatrice Palmer is whisked off to Berlin where she is put to work packing up priceless artwork in a wealthy family's mansion.


Composer Theo Bleckmann Dwells In Possibility

Avant-garde composer and cabaret singer Theo Bleckmannn has been a mainstay on the New York music scene for 15 years. His newest album, I Dwell in Possibility, features music boxes, megaphones and the autoharp.

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