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Gay Publications Panel

Journalists Donald Embinder, Jack Veasey, and George Bodamer join the show to discuss gay publications and gay life in Philadelphia.


Divine and John Waters on Drag, Film, and Baltimore.

Divine is known for acting in drag in John Waters' films. Divine has developed a club act which will play in Philadelphia and is publishing a paper-doll book. Divine's drag persona was developed with director and writer John Waters. A retrospective of Waters' films is currently playing in Philadelphia. The two join the show to discuss their careers, lives, and the public's reaction to their boundary-pushing films.


A.I.D.S. Panel with Physicians Walter Lear and Nick Ifft.

Dr. Walter Lear is the founder and co-chair of the National Gay Health Coalition, the former state Health Commissioner, for Southeast Pennsylvania and the president and founder of the Institute of Social Medicine and Community Health in West Philadelphia. Dr. Nick Ifft is the secretary of Philadelphia Health Professionals for Human Rights (an organization of gay and lesbian physicians and dentists), the coordinator of the Philadelphia A.I.D.S. Task Force, and a general practitioner at South East Health Center in Philadelphia. The doctors join the show to discuss A.I.D.S.


A Composer's Diaries

In addition to writing music, Ned Rorem publishes his diaries, in which he muses on the creative process, his views on art, and his personal relationships. His newest collection is called Setting the Tone.


Edmund White, Novelist and Writer.

Writer and novelist Edmund White's books include "States of Desire: Travels Through Gay America," "The Joy of Gay Sex," and "A Boy's Own Story." White's work often candidly discusses gay life. White moved from the Midwest to New York where he was active in the Gay Liberation Movement, and now lives in Paris. His latest novel, "Caracole," is about a young, heterosexual male.


Investigating the AIDS Crisis.

Randy Shilts, author of And the Band Played On - Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic, a controversial book that reveals the identity of the first person to the bring AIDS to the United States. The book also raises questions about the government's response to the crisis.


George Whitmore Discusses Living with AIDS.

George Whitmore, author of Someone Was Here, profiles of people whose lives have been transformed by AIDS, like the 32-year-old New York advertising executive, a counselor in a gay men's health center, health workers at an AIDS clinic in a municipal hospital. The book grew out of a highly acclaimed 1985 article in The New York Times Magazine about a man with AIDS and his counselor at a health center.

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