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Film Director Taylor Hackford

Hackford produced the Ritchie Valens biopic La Bamba. He recently produced and directed Everybody's All American, about the life a college football hero. Hackford joins Fresh Air to talk about his early successes and failures, and the role songs play in his films.


TV Producer Terry O'Neil on Sport Broadcasting

O'Neil worked at NBC and CBS before starting his own independent network. He joins Fresh Air to discuss how football teams and networks have coordinated before games, the pros and cons of instant replays, and his new book, The Game Behind the Game.


Amateurism in College Football is an Illusion.

Sports writer Rick Telander (TAL-en-der). Telander's new book, "The Hundred Yard Lie," is a scathing indictment of the college football system. Telander says college football makes millions and millions of dollars while bathing itself in a false light of amateurism. The players, meanwhile suffer physical pain, financial corruption, and educational starvation. Telander has seen college football from both sides of the fence. He's a staff writer for Sports Illustrated and a former all-conference cornerback for Northwestern University.


Actor Billy Bob Thornton

Actor, director and screenwriter Billy Bob Thornton's latest film is Friday Night Lights, based on the best-selling book about Texas high school football. He's been known to film fans since writing, directing and starring in Sling Blade in 1996. This interview was first broadcast on Jan. 9, 2002


Behind The Scenes Of 'Friday Night Lights.'

Peter Berg, executive producer of NBC's Friday Night Lights, talks about the virtues of shooting on location, using local performers, and what the series explores that the movie couldn't.

This interview was originally broadcast on April 11, 2007. Friday Night Lights will end its five-season run on Friday July 15, 2011 on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.


Ron 'Jaws' Jaworski On What It's Like To Play The Super Bowl.

Jaworski spent 16 years in the NFL, most of them with the Philadelphia Eagles, the team he took to the Super Bowl in 1981. Now the former quarterback works as a football analyst for ESPN. He tells Fresh Air's Dave Davies about what it feels like to play in the big game.

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