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Journalist Mike McAlary Tries Fiction.

Journalist Mike McAlary has reported on police in New York for the New York Post and has written several books on the subject as well. His latest project has been a novelization of the new movie "Cop Land" (Miramax Books/ Hyperion) which will be in theaters this summer. The movie, written by James Mangold, stars Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Richard Curtis Takes Fresh Air "Beyond the Bestseller."

Literary agent Richard Curtis. He's represented many bestselling authors, and has written some award-winning fiction of his own. He was the first president of the Independent Literary Agents Association, and he writes "Agent's Corner," a column for Locus magazine. His new book is called Beyond the Bestseller: A Literary Agent Takes You Inside the Book Business. It's an insider's guide to the literary world that includes discussion of literary agencies, advances, fees, royalties, expenses, and other advice for authors. (Interview with Sedge Thomson)


Reporting on the Nicaraguan Revolution

Poet Richard Elman covered the Nicaraguan revolution of 1979, which overthrew the ruling Somoza dynasty. He later returned to the country to see what life was like in the aftermath. Elman also has a side job of writing the novelizations of Hollywood films.


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