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From Boos To Bravos: A Recap Of Cannes.

Fresh Air's critic at large John Powers returns from the 2013 Cannes Film Festival with tales of the good, the bad, and the parties. He says Blue Is the Warmest Color was "the film of the festival" while Only God Forgives was the biggest disappointment.


Flicks, Picked: Best And Worst Films Of 2010

Fresh Air's David Edelstein couldn't limit himself to 10 movies for his Top 10 list -- he put 12 titles on this year's crop -- and explains why he parted ways with colleagues when it came time to hand out the annual New York Film Critics Circle Awards.


Movies 2005: David Edelstein's Top 10

As part of Fresh Air's annual 10 Best edition, film critic David Edelstein offers his take on the year's crop of movies. And as part of his conversation with Terry Gross, Edelstein discusses movies opening this holiday season. David Edelstein is also chief film critic for


The Best Films of 1998

Fresh Air's film critic John Powers talks about the year in movies. Powers discusses his favorite films and the best performances of this year.


What Movies to See this Winter

Film critic John Powers talks about some of the most anticipated films of his holiday season. Powers is film critic for Vogue.


A Conversation Between David Thomson and James Toback.

Film critic David Thomson and filmmaker and director James Toback. They interview each other for a revival of round table discussion at "Spoken Word at the Algonquin" in New York city's famous Algonquin Hotel, and discuss the state of moviemaking and movie criticism today. Thomson's latest book is "Beneath Mulholland: Thoughts on Hollywood and its Ghosts" (Knopf). Toback directed the movies "Fingers," "Exposed," and "The Pick up Artist."

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