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Young girls holding feminist signs at a protest





"Mothers of Invention" is Basic, but Necessary.

Book critic John Leonard reviews Mothers of Invention, a book about the the unrecognized role women had in the technological breakthroughs of the modern era. The authors are Ethlie Ann Vare and Greg Ptacek.


Filling the Gaps in American Women's History

Guest commentator Maureen Corrigan reviews Writing Red, an anthology of women's writing from the 1930s which brings to light the often overlooked experience of working class women during that decade.


Two of the L. A. Music Scene's Most Interesting Acts.

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews two new albums from Los Angeles groups. The first is the debut album from Mary's Danish, a band that Ken says combines the roughness of punk with a sense of melody and humor. The other is the latest solo album from Don Henley, a former member of the Eagles.


A Radical Feminist Oedipus.

Book critic John Leonard reviews "Daddy, We Hardly Knew You." It's writer Germaine Greer's memoir of her father. He spent the first 5 years of her life away in the Australian Air force during World War 2. Upon his return, and until his death in 1983, he was quiet, distant, and would never talk about the war. This book is both Greer's memories of her father's life, and her investigation into what he did during those missing five years.


A Tale of Cloning.

Book critic John Leonard reviews the new book by British writer Fay Weldon, "The Cloning of Joanna May." Weldon has also written, "The Life and Love of a She-Devil."


Ms. Magazine Is Back with an International Perspective

After ceasing publication last November, the feminist magazine, founded by Gloria Steinem, is back on (at least some) newsstands. Book critic Maureen Corrigan praises its return and its inclusion of more diverse writers. But the changes comes at a price -- now ad free, the cost of each issue has gone up.


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