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Young girls holding feminist signs at a protest





Comedian and Political Activist Dick Gregory

Gregory uses his celebrity platform to raise awareness for a number of different issues, including alcoholism, the policies of the Reagan administration, and the the state of the black community today. He is currently on a hunger strike in solidarity with women in support of the Equal Rights Amendment.


The Future of Feminism and the ERA

Ms. Magazine co-founders Gloria Steinem and Pat Carbine discuss renewed efforts to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. They see coalition-building among politicians, men, and gay and straight women as crucial to the passage of more protective legislation and further progress for the women's movement.

Black and white image of Gloria Steinem addressing a crowd at a fundraiser and rally

Melba Liston On Being a Woman Musician.

Trombonist Melba Liston is one the few women to find success as a musician, arranger, and composer in the world of jazz. Liston has worked with artists as diverse as Dizzy Gillespie and Aretha Franklin. After spending five years living in Jamaica, Liston has returned to the United States and formed a new big band, the seventeen-piece "Melba Liston and Company."


Marge Piercy's "Braided Lives."

Marge Piercy is a novelist. Her new book is titled "Braided Lives." She joins the show to discuss looking back on one's past, feminism, and her involvement in leftist politics.


Forging a Career as a Woman Painter.

Alice Neel is a painter known for her portraits and nudes. Neel was born in 1900 in the Main Line and studied at the Philadelphia School for Design for Women, later Moore College of Art. Neel's work is featured in an exhibit at the Philadelphia College of Art, [later University of the Arts] focusing on women artists whose work appears in the archives of the Women's Interart Center in New York. She discusses her life and career as a woman artist.


Atwood on Women and Literature.

Margaret Atwood is a novelist and poet whose female protagonists have attracted women readers. Atwood considers herself a feminist writer and joins the show to discuss her life, career, and the women's movement. Her latest work is a collection of short stories titled "Dancing Girls."


A Glimpse into the "Hearts of Men"

In her new book, writer Barbara Ehrenreich explores marriage from the 1950s onward. She identifies different cultural forces which fueled men's resentment toward their wives, and which contributed to the pay gap of between working men and women.


Gloria Steinem's "Everyday Rebellions"

The writer and Ms. Magazine founder has a new collection of her work, which collects two decades' worth of essays. She tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross about her writing evolved to become more politically-focused.


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