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Finding Inspiration in the City

Painter and sculptor Red Grooms joins Fresh Air to discuss how he made it as an artist in New York City, and how movies and urban landscapes inform his work. A retrospective of his art is being shown at the Whitney Museum.


Film Critic David Edelstein: Top Movies of 2004

Film critic David Edelstein lists his top movies of 2004, and recommends current holiday releases. Edelstein says 2004 saw some high-profile winners — and losers hit the nation's big screens. Edelstein says there were some great performances in some not-so-great movies. This was a year of documentaries, some of which proved politically divisive.


When 10 Won't Do: David Edelstein's Top 13 Films.

Movies you've heard plenty about (Avatar, Where the Wild Things Are) rub elbows with movies you may have missed (Summer Hours, Everlasting Moments) on our critic's list of the finest big-screen features of 2009. Edelstein joins Terry Gross to talk about the year in pictures.


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