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Fats Waller

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'Fresh Air' at 20: Jazz Musician Marty Grosz

Fresh Air went national in 1987, and we're celebrating that 20th anniversary by revisiting some classic interviews. In this segment: German jazz artist Marty Grosz plays the music of Fats Waller. Rebroadcast from June 26, 1987.


Dave Bartholomew Shaped the Sound of New Orleans Rock.

Rock and Roll Historian Ed Ward looks back at the impact Record Producer Dave Bartholomew had on the New Orleans music scene. He produced recordings for Fat's Domino, The Hawks, Lloyd Price and Shirley & Lee. Bartholomew's work as a record producer was collected by EMI in an anthology in 1992.


Contrition in the Music of Fats Waller

Jazz guitar player Marty Grosz talks about the songwriter's lyrics, which he says are at once remorseful and exuberant. Grosz performs two of Waller's songs for Fresh Air listeners.

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