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Fathers and sons




The Third Generation of a Painting Dynasty

Jamie Wyeth's grandfather, N.C. Wyeth was an illustrator; his father is the renowned realist painter Andrew Wyeth. The youngest Wyeth tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross about the various ways he honed his craft -- without a formal art school education.


Producing The Tonight Show

Fred de Cordova worked in radio, Broadway, and film. Now he's a producer on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He books guests and manages the flow of the program. Cordova's new autobiography is called Johnny Came Lately.


Three Decades as America's Premiere Flat-Picker

Doc Watson has announced he'll retire from touring -- though he'll continue playing music for the rest of his life. He joins Fresh Air to talk about his roots in North Carolina and his evolution as a guitar player. Watson often performed with his son Merle, who died in a tragic tractor accident.


A Journalist Goes Back to the Farm

Investigative reporter Howard Kohn has covered stories like the Patty Hearst kidnapping and the death of Karen Silkwood. When his father's health started to fail, Kohn decided to move back to the family farm in Michigan. His new memoir, The Last Farmer, documents that experience, and considers the relationship between parents and their adult children.


Novelist Richard Russo

Russo's latest book, The Risk Pool, is set in an upstate New York town, similar to where the author grew up. He says he didn't realize until later in his career how much inspiration he could draw from his formative years.


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