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Can Humans Survive Modern Environmental Pressures?

Journalist Mark Hertsgaard. He traveled around the world examining environmentally-damaged places. His new book about it is, "Earth Odyssey: Around the world in Search of Our Environmental Future" (Broadway Books). Hertsgaard also writes for the New York times, The New Yorker, the Atlantic Monthly, and the Nation.


Lester Brown on the "State of the World" in 1990.

Lester Brown, president of the Worldwatch Institute, a Washington-based think tank that monitors the state of the environment. The Institute has just issued it's 7th annual "State of the World" report. Brown's been nicknamed "Doctor Doom," for his dire predictions about subjects such as the dwindling forests and the global warming trend. But critics use that term less and less these days as more of Brown's predictions have come true. The 1990 edition of "State of the World" is published by Norton. (Part 1 of a two-part interview.


Bernie Krause Brings Gorillas and Other Animals "Into the Mix."

Bioacoustics researcher and field recordist Bernie Krause. Krause has a new album called "Gorillas in the Mix." It features selections from new age to dance tunes. What makes the album remarkable is that every sound on it is from nature. Krause recorded and mixed together whales, apes, insects, the sound of shifting sands, and hundreds of other natural sources. Krause was a Motown session musician in the 60s, before earning a Ph.D. in bioacoustics.


Poetry as a Way of Saying the Unsayable

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet W.S. Merwin writes about nature and environmental issues. He tells Fresh Air host Terry Gross about growing up, what drives him to write and his ecological advocacy. Merwin lives in Hawaii with his wife.

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