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English language--Accents and accentuation

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Resolving Speech and Class Differences

Linguist Geoff Nunberg reviews the current Broadway production of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, which stars Peter O'Toole, who, says Nunberg, turns the play from a fairy tale into a farce.


The Many Voices of Tracey Ullman

The British performer is an accomplished film, TV and stage actor who also had a number of hits on the British pop charts. Her Emmy-nominated variety show on the Fox Network, The Tracey Ullman Show, was just renewed for a second season.


Linguistic Transformation in the Movies

Language commentator Geoff Nunberg reflects on how changing modes of speech in motion pictures signify a character's personal transformation. The 1938 version of Pygmalion is a great example -- but the trope can be found in several other films.


The Californian Accent(s).

Language commentator Geoffrey Nunberg has some thoughts on the different accents you'll find in California. Not all of them are as distinctive as those of a "Valley Girl." (originally broadcast 3/9/88).


Stage and Screen Actor John Mahoney .

Actor John Mahoney. He started out in Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater. His film roles include "Tin Men," "Eight Men Out," the randy professor in "Moonstruck," and the father in "Say Anything."


John Glover Acts Opposite Gremlins

The film actor enjoyed working with the puppets and puppeteers for the new movie, Gremlins 2. Glover's character is based on Donald Trump; he frequently portrays sleazy villains, like in his earlier movie, 52 Pick-Up.


Stage and Screen Actor John Mahoney

While in his 30s -- and with no past experience -- John Mahoney gave up a career editing a medical journal to pursue acting. He became a member of Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and has appeared in films like Moonstruck and Say Anything.

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