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English language--Accents and accentuation

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For Candidates, An Accent on Authenticity

What do Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, and John Edwards have in common? They've all been criticized for the way they speak. Linguist Geoff Nunberg has some thoughts about candidates and regional cadence.


On Accents in Movies.

Linguist Geoffrey Nunberg examines the curious speech rules that Hollywood uses when it casts biblical era epics. (Rebroadcast. Original date 4/29/87).


The Californian Accent(s).

Language commentator Geoffrey Nunberg has some thoughts on the different accents you'll find in California. Not all of them are as distinctive as those of a "Valley Girl." (originally broadcast 3/9/88).


Linguistic Transformation in the Movies

Language commentator Geoff Nunberg reflects on how changing modes of speech in motion pictures signify a character's personal transformation. The 1938 version of Pygmalion is a great example -- but the trope can be found in several other films.

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