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Rosanne Cash Runs Down Her Father's 'List.'

When Cash was 18, her father (you know him as Johnny) gave her a list of 100 essential country songs to help the budding singer-songwriter understand the music that came before her. After holding on to it for decades, Rosanne Cash has turned that gift into an album. This interview first aired on Oct. 5, 2009.


Reevaluating Dock Boggs.

Rock historian Ed Ward on Moran Lee Boggs, otherwise known as Dock Boggs, who played banjo like a blues guitar in the 1920s. Boggs died in 1971. His recordings have been collected on a new CD "Dock Boggs: Country Blues" (Reventant label)


Working Toward "A Vision Shared"

To help fund the Smithsonian's purchase of the Folkways Records collection, a number of artists are raising money with an album of Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly covers. Rock critic Ken Tucker says Bruce Springsteen and Brian Wilson give standout performances.


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