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The Letters of Jack Kerouac Are the Best of His Writing

Ann Charters, the biographer of Jack Kerouac, has just edited two new collections of his writings: The Portable Jack Kerouac, and Jack Kerouac: Selected Letters. In this interview,she reads from some of Kerouac's letters, and discusses how he translated his life into his work. Charters teaches at the University of Connecticut.


Writer Mark Richard on His Debut Novel "Fishboy"

Richard is of cajun, creole and French descent. His award winning collection of short stories is called "Ice at the Bottom of the World". His new novel "Fishboy" is about a boy's sea journey, "replete with ghosts, sea creatures and violent shipmates". Richard's prose style has been singled out for praise, with one critic hailing the novel as "an eloquent fever dream".


Radical Book Publisher Daniel Levy

Levy founded the new Citadel Underground press, which has been publishing new editions of books written by individuals from the 1960s counterculture. Levy was ten years old in 1968; witnessing radical social movements emerge as he grew up shaped the person he is today.


A Writer's Contentious Reputation

Harold Brodkey is famous for working on his as-of-yet unpublished novel for the past thirty years. Some critics think he's brilliant; others call him a fraud. His work deals with consciousness and memory.


A Novelist Finds New Stories in American History

Writer E.L. Doctorow is known for using real-life historical figures as characters in his period novels. Best known for his book Ragtime, his novel Loon Lake is now available in paperback. He tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross about the day-to-day work of a writer and how his job as an editor affected his prose.

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