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A Sitcom, Plain and Simple

Critic Ken Tucker says that the movie adaptation of the celebrated play Crimes of the Heart, now shrunk down for home consumption, is no better--and sometimes worse--than many popular television shows.


Who Wants Realism in a James Bond Movie?

The franchise's newest installment, The Living Daylights, stars Timothy Dalton. Film critic Stephen Schiff says it's enjoyable enough, but its tone is too serious and sensitive for a Bond flick.


Unpacking Gender in "Psycho Beach Party"

Charles Busch's off-Broadway send-up of classic beach movies features men in drag playing female roles. Critic-at-large Laurie Stone says the play offers a unique but problematic commentary on gender roles.


Looking Forward to the Fall TV Season

Television critic David Bianculli reports back from a press tour in Los Angeles, where he was able to preview the shows debuting in the next few months. He shares his thoughts on the upcoming season.


Dirty Secrets and Nasty Dialogue

After appearing in the hit film The Untouchables, Kevin Costner stars in No Way Out, based on the book The Big Clock. The movie also features the excellent Gene Hackman and Sean Young. Film critic Stephen Schiff says it's one of the best political thrillers--if you ignore the ending.


Judith Malina and the Radical Living Theatre.

Actor and director Judith Malina. She and Julian Beck founded "The Living Theatre" in the 1940s. It became the most revolutionary theater group, performing in the nude, confronting the audience, and breaking down theater's fourth wall.


The Intransigent Misery of South Africa

Film critic Stephen Schiff reviews A World Apart, about a white anti-apartheid activist whose family needs her more than the movement does. While the film has a few missteps, Schiff says it's directed with a steady hand.


"Wiseguy" is the Best Show Since "St. Elsewhere"

TV critic David Bianculli reviews the police procedural, now in its second season. He admires how the show takes its time with each storyline, exploring one over the course of several episodes -- and often featuring long-term guest stars.


A Paint-By-Numbers Cop Movie

Actor Clint Eastwood is known for finishing movies quickly and under budget -- that way, he can focus his energies on his pet projects. Film critic Stephen Schiff says the new Dirty Harry movie, The Dead Pool, is an example of Eastwood's sometimes slipshod work.

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