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Covering the Democratic National Convention

TV critic David Bianculli wasn't impressed by the often intrusive coverage of last week's DNC. But watching clips of past conventions on C-SPAN, he was thrilled to see footage of politicians in their prime.


TV Review: Bianculli on 'Tanner '88'

Critic David Bianculli reviews "Tanner '88" — the fake documentary series about a fictional candidate for president rubbing elbows with actual candidates. It was created 16 years ago for HBO by director Robert Altman and Garry Trudeau, the creator of Doonesbury. The 11-part series will be rebroadcast on Tuesday nights, beginning today, on the Sundance Channel.


Ron Reagan, Jr.: Speaking Out on Stem Cells

The son of the late President Ronald Reagan has been invited to speak at the Democratic convention next week. He and his mother have become outspoken proponents of stem cell research. Reagan has edited the book, If You Had Five Minutes with the President.


Political History Gets Animated in 'Chicago 10'

Director Brett Morgen joins Fresh Air's Terry Gross to discuss his new film, Chicago 10. The film mixes trial footage and animation to tell the story of the "Chicago 8" — protesters held accountable for violence that erupted with police outside the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968.


An Animated Take On The 'Chicago 10'

Brett Morgan's film, Chicago 10, uses a combination of archival footage, animation and music to tell the story of eight anti-war protesters who were put on trial following the 1968 Democratic National Convention.


Mark Sawyer: Race And The Obama Campaign

Political scientist and author runs the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity and Politics at UCLA; he talks to Terry Gross about how Barack Obama's campaign is addressing issues touching on race and ethnicity.

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