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Journalist Investigates 'Crime Story' Of The Sackler Family And The Opioid Crisis

The story of the Sackler dynasty--the family that owns Purdue Pharma, which created oxycontin, the drug marketed to relieve acute and chronic pain, that played a major role in creating the opioid epidemic. Patrick Radden Keefe's new book is Empire of Pain. It’s based in part on leaked documents and private emails that reveal the Sacklers knew about how addictive oxycontin is--before they admitted it, and they used deceptive practices to keep selling more of the drug.


Blue Velvet

A new special DVD edition of David Lynch 1986 film Blue Velvet is coming out June 4th. It includes new interviews with the cast, and deleted scenes. We hear from several people involved with the film: Actor Dennis Hopper. He made his film debut in Rebel Without a Cause, and has starred in Blue Velvet, Rivers Edge, and Hoosiers. Hopper directed, co-wrote, and starred in the 60's classic, "Easy Rider." He has directed several films, including Colors, and the film, The Hot Spot.


Criminal Profiler John Douglas.

Former head of the FBI's Serial Crime Unit, John Douglas. For 20 years he investigated serial murders for the FBI, and developed techniques to get criminals to talk, and to lure them into capture. He also pioneered criminal profiling. Many of his techniques have been adopted by police departments and prosecutors nationwide. Douglas interviewed such notorious killers as Charles Manson and Richard Speck. He has a new memoir, Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit (Lisa Drew book, written with Mark Olshaker).

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