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Cheap, Legal And Everywhere: How Food Companies Get Us 'Hooked' On Junk

Investigative journalist Michael Moss's 2013 book, Salt Sugar Fat, explored food companies' aggressive marketing of those products and their impact on our health. In his new book, Hooked, Moss updates the food giants' efforts to keep us eating what they serve — and how they're responding to complaints from consumers and health advocates.


The Real Stanley Bing.

Columnist Stanley Bing (a pseudonym) satirizes the corporate world in his columns for Fortune and Esquire Magazines. He revels his true identity in this interview. His book “Lloyd—what Happened: A Novel of Business” followed the aspirations of an executive who was climbing the corporate ladder. Bing’s newest book is “What Would Machiavelli Do? The Ends Justify the Means” (Harperbusiness) a satirical how-to book for the Machiavellian-minded in the corporate world.


Excessive CEO Salaries.

Business consultant and professor Graef (rhymes with "waif") Crystal. Crystal spent many years telling CEOs of major corporations how to get bigger salaries. Now he's taking the exact opposite tack, speaking out against the astronomical salaries many executives receive, whether or not their companies do well. That's the subject of his new book, "In Search of Excess."


A Short History of Silicon Valley

Writer Stuart Brand joins Fresh Air to talk about the technology-focused business culture that's developing in the Bay Area. He says it's turned San Francisco into a kind of global frontier town.


Talking to "The Big Boys"

Consumer activist Ralph Nader interviewed the top executives of a number of major American corporations for his new book.

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