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How the Supreme Court's move to the right could further transform life in the U.S.

The court's super majority of conservative judges has already passed down rulings about abortion and the 2nd Amendment. New York Times journalist Adam Liptak says more legal upheavals are likely.


Interpreting The Constitution In The Digital Era

Technologies like GPS and social media are posing new challenges to interpreting the Constitution's guarantees of privacy and free speech. Law professor and journalist Jeffrey Rosen says we're now in an era the Founding Fathers could never have imagined, in which private companies are determining the rules for what can be shared.


Reporter Savage on Justice Dept. Staffing

Charlie Savage is based in Washington for the Boston Globe and recently wrote an investigative piece about the civil rights section of the Department of Justice, where he found that staffers with legal expertise are being replaced by conservatives with little experience but who promote right wing Christian values.


David Addington and 'Hidden Power'

Reporter Jane Mayer's recent article in The New Yorker examines the role of David S. Addington, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff and longtime legal adviser. Mayer says current and former Bush administration officials credit him with helping form the administration's legal strategy in the war on terrorism.


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