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Writers Week: Stephen King on Imaginative Consciousness.

"Mr Horror": writer Stephen King. He ushered in a whole new era of horror fiction with his first novel in 1974, "Carrie." In the ensuing twenty years he has penned novels, short stories, screenplays, comic books, and TV movies. His novel, “The Green Mile” has been made into a new film starring Tom Hanks (REBROADCAST from 7/23/92)


What Brain Surgery Reveals about How the Brain Works.

Neurophysiologist William Calvin. He assisted in neurosurgery on a patient named Neil. Neil was to have a portion of his temporal lobe removed to cure his severe epilepsy. But the neurosurgeon, George Ojemann, had to know where to cut. A mistake could cost Neil part of his normal brain function. So, while Neil was awake on the operating table, Dr. Ojemann, probed and stimulated Neil's exposed brain, the whole time carrying on a conversation with the patient. The purpose was to create a detailed roadmap of Neil's brain functioning.


From the Archives: Stephen King on Imaginative Consciousness.

Part two of our interview with "Mr. Horror," writer Stephen King. He'll talk with Terry about his greatest fear, his first writing efforts and about his childhood. His new collection of stories is "Nightmares & Dreamscapes" (Viking). (This portion rebroadcast from 7/23/92).


What is Consciousness?

Israel Rosenfield studies the concept of consciousness. He was trained as a physician, mathematician, and a philosopher -- all of which he now brings to his thinking about neurology. His new book is "The Strange, Familiar and Forgotten." (published by Knopf). In it he reinterprets classic cases of neurology, and theorizes that its impossible to understand states of neurological illness without reference to a person's body image, consciousness and being. Neurologist Oliver Sacks, calls Rosenfield a "powerful and original thinker."

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