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Pixar's Fast And 'Brave' Female Comedy: 'Delightful.'

The movie Brave is Pixar's first feature with a female protagonist — a medieval Scottish princess named Merida (voiced by Kelly MacDonald) who asserts her independence and wreaks havoc. Critic David Edelstein says the film is "pure Pixar in its mischievousness and irreverence."


Pixar's People, At Play With Ideas In 'Toy Story 3.'

The third and final installment of the Toy Story trilogy turned out to have some deep themes: death, abandonment, loss. One inspiration: an incident in which director Lee Unkrich accidentally threw out his wife's toys. Both Unkrich and screenwriter Michael Arndt join Terry Gross to talk about the trilogy, due on DVD Nov. 2.


'Toy Story 3': To Growing Up, And Beyond.

On the surface, Toy Story 3 is about kids' fantasies about toys that come alive after the lights go out -- but its themes speak to a much more grown-up audience. Critic David Edelstein examines the latest movie in the Toy Story franchise, which he says touches on both the present and the past.


'Shrek the Third': Crack Comedy, and Plenty of Gas

Misunderstood giants? None have ever been as popular as Shrek, star of two huge summer hits since 2001. Paramount's grumpy-green-ogre franchise is the epitome of the hand-hold movie: family flicks that serve up action, tomfoolery and life-lessons for the kids, nonstop pop-culture in-jokes for the adults, and fart jokes for the whole family.


Steve Jobs on the Future of the Web.

Steve Jobs is one of the founders of Apple Computers; and he led the development of the Macintosh computer. In 1985 he founded NeXT Computer. It's mission is to develop customized software for businesses; two of their applications are OPENSTEP and NEXTSTEP. Jobs is also the owner of the computer animation company, Pixar. They've made the first feature-length computer-animated film, "Toy Story," in conjunction with Walt Disney, Inc. Jobs will talk with Terry about the future of computer technology.

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