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A Thriller that's More than a Thriller

Book critic John Leonard says that Robert Stuart Nathan's new mystery book, The White Tiger, features a memorable portrayal of Beijing, and makes for fine summer reading.


An Answer to "The Question of Hu"

Book critic John Leonard reviews historian Jonathan Spence's newest work, about a Chinese convert in France who is institutionalized by a Jesuit priest name Jean-Francois Foucquet. Leonard says that the historical novel feels more like a poem about history.


A China Scholar's New Essay Collection

Book critic John Leonard reviews "Chinese Roundabout: Essays in History and Culture," by Jonathan D. Spence. Leonard says it's an improvisatory and obsessive take on the China and the way Westerners look at it.


A Deserving Award-Winner.

Critic Maureen Corrigan reviews "Waiting" (Pantheon) by Ha Jin the winner of this year's National Book Award for fiction, a novel which is set in China during the Cultural Revolution.


Political Cynicism in Novels by Chinese Authors.

Book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews two new novels about China: “Becoming Madame Mao”(Houghton Mifflin) a fictional biography by Anchee Min, and the detective novel, “Death of a Red Heroine” (Soho) by Qui Xialong.


Rock from the Beijing Underground

When British musician and record producer Martin Atkins visited Beijing in 2006, he wasn't sure what kind of music scene he'd find. As it turned out, the sounds emerging from the Chinese underground were surprisingly familiar. Milo Miles reports.


Pushing Chinese Taboos in 'Lust, Caution'

Film critic John Powers reviews Lust, Caution, the new film by Taiwanese director Ang Lee. Set in 1942, during the Japanese occupation of China, the film tells the story of a resistance fighter who has an affair with a Chinese collaborator.

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