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A "Wordstruck" Journalist's New Memoir

Robert MacNeil hosts the Newshour program with Jim Lehrer. His latest book is about how his childhood experiences led him to a career in the news, and the importance of language and diction in his professional life.


Hypnosis Unearths Childhood Memories

Novelist Richard Price suffered from spinal cancer; surgery left him wheelchair-bound. Instead of taking pain medicine, he opted for hypnosis, which stirred long-forgotten memories of his early life. He turned those recollections into a new memoir, called Clear Pictures.


Comedian Bill Cosby.

Comedian Bill Cosby. Cosby talks about his TV show, his early years doing stand-up comedy, and his new book, "Childhood." It recounts some of his favorite stories of his youth. (It's published by Putnam).


Horror Writer Stephen King on the Terrors of Sex

"Mr Horror": writer Stephen King. He ushered in a whole new era of horror fiction with his first novel in 1974, "Carrie." In the ensuing twenty years he has penned novels, short stories, screenplays, comic books, and TV movies. He currently has five books on the New York Times paperback bestseller list: His novel "Rose Madder" (Signet) and four installments of his six-part serial "The Green Mile". (Signet). (REBROADCAST)


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